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Here at Tiger Management Consulting Group LLC, we provide services that benefit both companies in the real estate industry and senior-level business professionals. We offer:

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Creative Placemaking Advisory Services for the Real Estate Industry

We provide advisory services aimed at enhancing your bottom line and fostering healthy, thriving, equitable communities. Our services are steeped in research on best practices gleaned over time from many projects in the US and abroad. We help you, for example, recruit artists and/or creatives as members of the project design team, develop an effective business case to secure funding – especially from non-traditional sources, meaningfully engage the community and build trusting relationships, and more.

Our advisory services include:

  • Bootcamp training on creative placemaking and equitable development
  • Best practices in creative placemaking
  • Artist identification, matchmaking, and engagement
  • Effective artist and developer communication
  • Placekeeping strategies to avoid/avert displacement
  • Business case support for creative placemaking
  • Non-traditional funding source identification and fulfillment

Executive Coaching for Business Professionals

We bring our principal’s expertise acquired from decades of helping clients solve tough business and professional challenges, to our coaching practice. We help you be the best version of yourself and become the leader your company needs. We guide you to see and leverage existing strengths that you may be underestimating and close gaps leading to higher performance. Because employees follow leaders who see themselves clearly, self-aware leaders also inspire others to greater heights. Equity promoting practices are built into our approach and facilitate your success. Our coaching services range from helping you set relevant and achievable goals to coaching to goal fulfillment and making adjustments as needed

Our coaching is an iterative process that involves:

  • Goal setting aligned to professional and company/business goals
  • Fact finding using state-of-the-art assessments tools
  • Development planning
  • Coaching to the development plan
  • Reassessment, adjustment and wrap-up

“I empathize with leaders,” remarks company founder, Juanita Hardy, who has been coaching leaders since the mid-80s, “because during my expansive career working for a global technology and services firm, I was confronted with most challenges a leader presents. I believe intuitively the leader knows what they need to do and with proper focus and support, they can identify the problem and determine the steps or actions to solve it. My approach is to guide and facilitate, not tell or direct."


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